The Morpheus Consultancy, LLC

We exist to amplify our partners’ potential.  The Morpheus Consultancy provides each client exceptional results with the appropriate balance of data-driven analytics, and human-centered solutions.
Our 3 Ps: Purpose, Partnership, and Performance
Purpose – Beyond the right recommendations, we operate in the right way. Each client’s mission is our priority. Everything we do must exceed objectives while improving our client’s internal capabilities. 
Partnership – The foundation of our work is collaboration. Each engagement begins with a plan for shared responsibility and reward. Our belief in partnering goes beyond our engagements to include our suppliers, community, and competitors.
Performance – We work continuously to make our best better. Extraordinary results start with committed individuals who are motivated by a clear v- ision. Each case requires focused attention combined with precise actions taken with a holistic view. 
Our work begins with understanding. Each client brings a unique set of experiences, advantages, and challenges that we use to identifying areas of opportunity specific to their needs. Each engagement is customized to enhance the client’s teams, processes, communication and more. Our success is rooted in our measurement. We transform each client’s impact by accelerating their efficiency, productivity, revenue, and margin.
Phone: 312-621-4464
Monday – Friday:  9:00 am – 5:00 pm CST